Heart disease and high intensity exercise.

High intensity exercise can cause heart disease,really! Those who participate in high intensity events such as marathons, ultra-marathons,triathlons etc. are viewed by us mortals as possessing a physical prowess of a Greek god.  However,recent research claims that regular participation in such events may negatively impact heart health.

Researchers at the Athens Medical School, Hippokration Hospital in Athens, Greece discovered that men who regulary participated in high intensity activity such as marathons , tended to expierence stiffness of the large arteries. The information was provided via press release from the American College of Cardiology. The researchers measured blood pressure and pulse wave velocity in 49 men who trained for marathons and 46 who did not. The researchers found that both measures were higher in marathoners than in the control group. High intensity exercise seemed to correlate with arterial stiffness.

Lead author, Despina Kardara,M.D. states,”our data suggest that exercise may have an inverted u-shape in relation with arterial stiffness. Summerizing lack of exercise increase the likley hood of cariovascular events as does to much exercise. Kandra sites this is important because stiff arteries lead to high blood pressure as well impairment of proper heart function.

Aortic stiffness is a indicator of cardiovascular disease, atherosclorosis and predictor of early death.

My Thoughts- balance!

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  1. I agree with your post. Doing high intense level of workouts is part of my routine in order to achieve rock hard abs. Of course, before that I made sure that I monitor my diet and went to my doctor if it’s alright to do this high intense level workout

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